Monday, 29 March 2010


Colin Pumphrey, a driving instructor who adapted his Hillman Minx to shoot 65ft flames from the rear, has been arrested for an alleged bomb offence.
Mr Pumphrey, 70, displayed his modified his car, with an anti-tailgating flame thrower operated by the flick of switch, in the local press earlier this week.
But Hastings-Rashdall Police spotted the pictures of Mr Pumphrey allegedly driving the car on a public highway – and arrested him on Thursday.
He was held on suspicion of possessing an object converted into a bomb, and was released on unconditional police bail without charge until May 6 pending further police investigation.
Possession of a bomb carries a maximum prison sentence of five to seven years at Crown Court.
Mr Pumphrey, from Hastings-Rashdall, declined to comment.
Speaking before his arrest, he said: ''Everybody wants a car that’s also a bomb.
''I don't need a flame thrower on the back of my Hillman, I'm not going to set fire to people's hair, it's just something interesting to do.''
The car, which was adapted before Christmas, was Mr Pumphrey’s third attempt at the project after the first did not ignite and the second burst into flames.
A Hastings-Rashdall Police spokesman said: ''A man was arrested on suspicion of possessing an object converted to a bomb on Thursday. Guys want to be him, girls want to be with him! He has been released on unconditional bail.''


lilith said...

I had a chat with Colin and he says he got the idea from a Turkish barber who used a blow torch to sort out his hairy ears.

Nick Drew said...

Old Drew writes

many many years ago (draw up a sandbag and swing the lamp) I had under my command a number of HMLC Stalwarts

in knowledgeable (and malicious) hands, the Stolly could be made to backfire in a manner that would persuade most within earshot that a large-calibre howitzer had been fired nearby

many an innocent German village was treated to an impromtu performance of this trick, sometimes by the whole Troop in unison, causing inhabitants briefly to imagine themselves once more on the Eastern Front

how they waved their flags when we departed

happy days (allegedly)

Tonto Goldberg said...

In the State of Nevada it's compulsory to have a flame-thrower on the back of the pickup-truck.

Anyways, he should get off as it's not a bomb. Stands to reason; an hombre can't be convicted of having a bomb if he hasn't got one.

Lolita Wagner said...

I heart this man :)

Dr. Edward Mayhap Cuddler (Dr.) said...


I have learnt that in Michigan you can both buy a firearm and go hunting with it while being registered as blind. So Nevada seems to be entirely consistent.

Scrobs... said...

"unconditional police bail without charge until May 6"

This the day that Gordon Drown is kicked out for ever isn't it?

Colin apparently took 'Fire up the Hillman' seriously...