Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Found Frozen.

A man is thought to have frozen to death in the garden after trying to find lost bicycle clips on one of the coldest nights of the year in Hampshire.
Donald Gent, 65, was found frozen solid beneath shrubs in his garden on Monday afternoon.
Reports suggest he had earlier been on a Christmas night out with work mates.
Mr Gent was taken to the cottage hospital by taxi after being discovered by a neighbour in Clapsaddle Terrace, at around 1pm on Monday. He might have died a few hours earlier.
Mr Gent, an electrician, was apparently seen returning home from a works' party on Sunday night, and is thought to have been trying to find his bicycle clips, drooped beneath shrubs.
A neighbour told The Effscott Record: "No-one is totally sure what happened to Donald, but word is he may have frozen to death. We had a real problem getting him into the taxi."
A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary said they could not confirm whether Mr Gent was found in snow or whether he had frozen to death.
He said: "When Mr. Gent thaws out, a post-mortem examination will be carried out to establish the cause of death, and a report will be submitted to the court."
He added: "Apart from his nudity there does not appear to be any suspicious circumstances. A police dog has retrieved a set of metal trouser clips"

Elsewhere, grandmother Jeanette Boovier was taken to hospital after she was found unconscious outside her home in Effscott Fitzgerald.
She was discovered "frozen to a manhole" by a 17-year-old neighbour after apparently spending a penny out in the open.
She was rushed to Royal Surrey County Hospital where she is said to be in a more comfortable position.

Thursday, 17 December 2009


(Jarvey's Hovel)

East Effscott is a village and civil parish in Hampshire, England. It is situated north of the A272 road on the border with West Sussex.
In the 2001 census the parish covered 5,023 acres (20.33 km2) and had 332 households with a total population of 829 of whom 394 residents were economically active.
The parish has an Anglican church, St. Nun Who Feigned Madness, the independent East Effscott Evangelical Church (MEC) and the disused Tuxlith chapel which is in the care of a national charity the Friends of Friendless Churches.
The village lies at the top of a hill, on the pilgrim route from Haslemere to Mont St Michel. Marshallsea Zoo is towards the south of the parish.
The village is relatively geographically concentrated along the road that runs through the village. It has a public house and cricket ground that has probably been in use for 350 years, an infrequent bus service, a local school, and village hall. There were formerly several small shops in the village.
The 1838 Goat Riots affected the village. There is a folk song called the "Effscott Ladies" collected in the early 20th century, which mentions them. This song can be heard sung by Derek Peeler on the CD "Hampshire Folk Songs."
Marshallsea Wildlife (formerly Marshallsea Zoo) is within the boundaries of the parish. The Park hit the headlines when on the 2 May 1967, Victor the Lion did the splits and couldn't get up again. He sadly later died of a heart attack.