Monday, 29 March 2010


Colin Pumphrey, a driving instructor who adapted his Hillman Minx to shoot 65ft flames from the rear, has been arrested for an alleged bomb offence.
Mr Pumphrey, 70, displayed his modified his car, with an anti-tailgating flame thrower operated by the flick of switch, in the local press earlier this week.
But Hastings-Rashdall Police spotted the pictures of Mr Pumphrey allegedly driving the car on a public highway – and arrested him on Thursday.
He was held on suspicion of possessing an object converted into a bomb, and was released on unconditional police bail without charge until May 6 pending further police investigation.
Possession of a bomb carries a maximum prison sentence of five to seven years at Crown Court.
Mr Pumphrey, from Hastings-Rashdall, declined to comment.
Speaking before his arrest, he said: ''Everybody wants a car that’s also a bomb.
''I don't need a flame thrower on the back of my Hillman, I'm not going to set fire to people's hair, it's just something interesting to do.''
The car, which was adapted before Christmas, was Mr Pumphrey’s third attempt at the project after the first did not ignite and the second burst into flames.
A Hastings-Rashdall Police spokesman said: ''A man was arrested on suspicion of possessing an object converted to a bomb on Thursday. Guys want to be him, girls want to be with him! He has been released on unconditional bail.''

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Fat Boy Left At Chip Shop.

For two days, Hampshire Constabulary were puzzled that nobody called to report that a fat little boy found alone Saturday night at a Herman-Melville chip shop was missing.
"Chips" and "pop" was virtually all that officers could get him to say. Only after he was turned over to Hampshire Child Protective Services did investigators come to believe his name was Dennis and that he is seven years old.
On Monday, his parents and the child's grandmother became terrified after learning the fat little boy wasn't in the care of any family members following his own birthday party apparently due to a misunderstanding.
Now, the Herman-Melville Police will try to determine whether the parents should face neglect charges.
Staff at Frank’s Chips, noticed the unattended boy in the shop shortly after 8 p.m. Saturday, approximately 3 hours after his party ended, police said. Workers asked patrons if they knew the identity of the fat little boy wearing lime green underpants and gym shoes, or whether they saw him with anybody. With nobody there to claim the boy, a woman phoned police.
"He was just sitting eating chips in the shop," P.C. Vernon Torey said.
The boy did not appear upset or frightened but he said little to officers.
"He could not tell us who dropped him off," P.C. Torey said. "That was amazing.
'More chips' and 'more pop' was all we could get out of him."
Puzzled investigators turned him over to Hampshire Child Protective Services.
Hoping to learn more about his identity and that of his parents or guardians, Hampshire Constabulary issued an alert to other police departments over the weekend. That provided no clues or reports of anyone filing a report of a missing child who matched the description of the fat little boy.
At approximately 1:15 p.m. Monday, Hampshire Constabulary received a call from Frank’s Chips that a frantic man claiming to be the boy's father was in the chip shop, and that the worried mother had phoned. Police interviewed the parents, who live apart in Herman-Melville, and each thought the other — or the boy's grandmother — would take care of him for the rest of the weekend after his own party.
"One thought the other was taking him home," P.C. Torey said. "Both have been cooperative (with investigators). Both are upset this happened."
For now, the seven year-old, named "Heffer," remains in foster care.
"As soon as we realized he had no more money, we immediately called the police. We'll continue to cooperate with the authorities as needed," said Kathryn Oldham, wife of Frank Oldham of Frank’s Chips.